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Delete Page reference widget still "sees" it

  1. I tried to use the contact form, but it messed up the sidebar. So, I deleted the contact page and the link in my widget text, but somehow the widget still "sees" the reference, messing up my sidebar at random (for example, if I refresh the page).

  2. Could be a caching issue - clear the browser cache and try again. On IE, holding down the 'shift' key and hitting 'refresh' may well do it.

  3. No cache issue. It´s doing the same thing on my laptop. (I´m working on my desktop)

  4. Can you give us a link?


    (It´s in Spanish!) If you get something right, click on Refresh, then if you see "Recuadro para Correo", that was the actual name of the page. Click on it and you´ll get an error message.

  6. You are right - not a caching issue. After that, sorry, but I have no idea. If you have taken out the link and it is still appearing then it looks like there is an issue in the background. I would suggest sending in some feedback.

  7. That´s what I thought. Where do I have to send the feedback? and Thank you!

  8. On your Dashboard there's a link to Feedback in the upper right-hand side. Click on it and you get a form to fill out.

  9. Got it! Thank you again. (That is, Muchas gracias).

  10. If anybody is to solve my problem, I tried the contact form one more time with a different page: same result. The new page title was (I deleted it and erased any reference to it) "Enviar Correo" (Send email in Spanish).

    This time I didn´t need to add the page href in any widget: it inmmediately created the problem when I published it.

  11. You need to send a Feedback to staff. Continually posting here won't get the attention of the staff.

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