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delete pictures from server

  1. Hello,
    I need help. I was deleting my blog. But my pictures are still on google search. I have to delete them as soon as possible. What can I do??
    Thanks in advance.

  2. If you're asking about a free hosted site, have you deleted them from your Media library?

  3. Yes it was a free hosted blog - I just deleted the blog - thinking this is enough. Did not delete them from library.
    Is there any chance?

  4. 'just' meaning when?

    If it was recent, it could take weeks to fall out of search engine indexes.

  5. You have a Google (and other search engines) issue not a WordPress.COM issue - the pictures will be cached for around 6 months I am told and some search engines never forget

    PS - you did not need to delete your blog - just deleting the pictures from the media library would have done the same thing

  6. so I can't do anything? right?

    in any case - thanks for answering!

  7. Sometimes search engines will delete content when ask - but I understand it is a tough sell and you need to prove ownership of the blog where the pictures came from and since you deleted the blog you can't prove ownership -

    Over a period of time the results will become stale and they tend to not show up in the results - and as search engines scan your site that is not there they will remove the content that is not on your non-existant blog

  8. I see, should have asked before :)
    Anyway - Thank you guys!!

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