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    I would like to delete the random blog option on my site. Can this be done?




    Depends on which random blog option you;re talking about. The one in the blue bar along the top or a random blog post within your blog. A link to your blog and a specific mention of which one you;re talking about would be helpful.


    If you are talking about the ‘next’ blog thing on the blue menubar above the WP blogs, no. If you’re not talking about that, then I’m not too sure what you mean :S I don’t see a random blog thing on your site to begin with.



    What site are you looking at please as the URL they have with their name is not a site and their username isn’t an active blog.



    Yes, I was talking about the “Go to a random blog” arrow on the blue bar. I thought there might be a way to disable this.

    Thanks for the help,



    Actually you can remove the blue bar entirely from your blog with the CSS upgrade but staff has asked folks not to do so.


    Did you know that most of your readers cannot see the nav bar? Only bloggers who are signed in can see it.



    If you’re looking at the site under the poster’s username, it’s not a site. Please see my post a few posts up.

    Still want to know where you folks are looking at.


    Good point – just waking up – more coffee required :)

    You have been repeatedly asked for the url to your blog.
    Please post the link.



    Sorry guys. I didn’t know you couldn’t see my blog.

    Here you go…




    This is your blog’s url
    Note that it does not contain “www” and in fact no blogs contain the “www” in their urls.

    I’m assuming that your concern may be that one of your readers might click the “-> next blog” link and be projected into an adult site with content that may not be suitable for all. In fact in order to do that and to see the nav bar at all the reader would have to have a account and would have to be logged in at the time.

    As mentioned above the nav bar can be masked from displaying through purchase of a css customization upgrade and doing the work yourself. But staff have requested that this not be done. IMO you should contact staff and ask for permission if you really feel that you want to pursue this



    Please link your username to your blog; as you can see, it would save us a lot of time trying to help you.

    The Random Blog feature is something that put in to encourage the community to interact, and in my opinion disabling it would make you look xenophobic relative to other bloggers. If you really want to isolate your blog in this way, your best bet is to find independent hosting and install software from, as that way there will be no Random Blog feature at all.




    I am a pastor, so of course I am concerned about where a link might go. But I am certainly not xenophobic. I do expect children to read my blog from time to time, which is the biggest reason for the concern.

    I do hope to be a good neighbor. I promise to keep the yard mowed and the trash picked up. And I will not bring over stale cookies!

    Profile updated. Again, thanks for the help.

    Grace and peace,



    If your readers aren’t logged into, then they won’t see the blue bar and thus won’t have the next button.



    FYI: blogs which have been reported as Mature and are so in the opinion of staff are not included in the Random Blog surfer, nor in the regular tag pages. As well, it’s my understanding that the same re: tag pages applies to blog posts using the tags “sex” and “Porn”, ie those posts don’t appear in the tag pages for the OTHER tags they used on that post.

    As well, only people who are registered users and who are logged in at the time ever see the Random Blog arrow. That eliminates most of the public, and particularly children.



    As a teacher I’d like to use wordpress for an edublog. I decided in favour of WordPress because the next blog feature I came across in brought up sites with unsuitable content.
    The fact that my students only see the next blog arrow once they are logged in (as contributors / authors) will not save me from parents being worried about their children’s teacher exposing their offspring to such content.
    The fact that blogger makes it possible to flag reprehensible contnt is nothing but a fig leaf. By that time it is too late.
    Please let me know how I can remove that arrow!!!



    You can’t remove the arrow on a blog. It won’t be present on an independent WordPress install. In another WordPress multiuser install, the arrow (if present) will only go to other blogs within that system, so perhaps what you want is a WordPress multiuser install. Details for that can be found here:



    wagjuer: since you’ve mentioned an edublog, may I recommend mozying on over to or which both are running WPMU so their admin interface should be familiar?

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