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    I have purchased the domain and now it has expired, I am trying to purchase it again from another account in WordPress (under another username) but I received a message telling that this domain was already used for a wordpress blog, can you help me with that?,
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    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there – to which site would you like the domain transferred? Since the domain only expired today, the best way to do this is for us to transfer the domain for you so you can renew it on the new account, during this “grace period.” It is not available to register as a new domain.


    Hi there!!!, thanks for answering so quickly. I would like to transfer this domain to the site, I would like to renew and manage “” from my dashboard on
    Thanks for helping



    You have two domains under the account federicoantelo:

    Would you like them both transferred to your federicoantelogranero account? That’s the one that has the domain on it.

    If so, could you please log into the federicoantelogranero user account and confirm in a message here that’s what you’d like us to do and I’ll go ahead. Thanks!


    Thanks, I would like to transfer only
    I will do what you suggest right now.


    I would like my domain to be transfered to my federicoantelogranero account.
    Best regards
    Federico Antelo



    Great, thanks. Would you like transferred as well? It expires on 2012-11-09.


    No thanks, only .com.


    So, should I wait for your confirmation to renew the domain under the user federicoantelogranero?



    The domain has been transferred, as requested, and you should now be able to renew it from here:

    Just let us know if you need anything else.


    Thanks for all your help!!!
    Best regards



    My pleasure. :-)

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