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    I used to have a self-hosted WordPress blog associated with my account (using the JetPack extension), but I’ve since migrated over and my blog is now hosted at However, even after delinking my self-hosted blog, it still shows up in my account as one of “My Blogs”, and WordPress still gives me the option to reblog posts to that account (even though it is disconnected and indeed there is no WordPress installation on that web server any more).

    I have just been ignoring it for the past few months, but today I accidentally reblogged something to my non-existent blog (how?), and I’d really appreciate some help in fully disconnecting / delinking these no-longer-existent blogs from my account, so this doesn’t happen again. Also to clean up my user interface (removing links to blogs that no longer exist).


    The blog I need help with is



    Not to worry as I flagged this thread for Staff attention. They can remove the blog. Please post the URL here so they know exactly which one you are referring to.



    Thanks for your help!

    I’ve found how to “hide” the blogs from my drop-down menu on the upper-right (this support page), but it’s still giving me the option to reblog posts to that (non-existent) blog.

    The non-existent JetPack-linked blogs used to be at: and

    Thank you again!!!



    I have removed the blogs as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!



    Not to pile on or anything, but could I get a couple of jetpack blogs removed from my account, please? They’re both long-defunct and deleted from the internet and it’s confusing having them show up in my account.

    They are (or rather, were):

    Many thanks.



    I have removed but was not attached to your account.

    In the future, please create your own support thread:

    If you know which account is attached to, please post a new thread as that account:



    This really needs to be a feature I can use myself somewhere because I’ve also done this, and plan to do it tons more in the future.



    We’re working on it. If you need to remove a Jetpack-powered blog from your account, please start your own thread:



    Dear wp engineers,
    I need a help, it just happened today. I want to login to my selfhosted blog (, but the main login page always redirects to I don’t know exactly what things that I screwed with recently. These two blogs are linked, perhaps since I installed the jetpack.
    Could you please disconnect the “” blog from the primary “” ??

    thanks in advance.

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