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    I added a text link in my sidebar to add a Feedburner RSS subscribe button to my WordPress blog. It now appears on my blog correctly. However in my title bar (on the left, next to Home, About) there is still the old / existing RSS subscribe button that isn’t thru Feedburner.

    I want to delete the little existing one so that there is only the one on the sidebar thru Feedburner so that people aren’t confused and to ensure everyone is being tracked thru my Feedburner link.

    Can’t figure out how to delete it – can anyone help?




    You’ll need the CSS upgrade for that and if your not familiar with CSS
    I recommend holding off on getting it because there is no official support
    for CSS…

    P.s> I’ll tag this thread with CSS help so the CSS Guru’s will
    be able to find this thread easier…




    Also take note viewers can also subscribe to your regular feed
    by clicking the Rss icon in the address bar of the browser…



    Try adding the following to your Custom CSS
    .feed { display: none; }

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