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  1. If I delete my blog from here, Will it be available or not.
    I mean If I remove, can i register it again as

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Once you delete a site, the URL cannot be reused.

    See here:

    I found that information by searching for "delete blog" in the Support site.

  3. I want to separate my blog from another one and I don't see any other way.
    I also saw a link recommended by you in another thread on moving a blog but that doesn't seem to contain solution of it. Any more suggestion?

  4. Deleting means exactly that. The site gets deleted and it's gone forever; the address cannot be reused.

    I want to separate my blog from another one

    So can we start over?

    If you have two sites (Site A and Site B) under the same user (User A), and you want to separate them so that User A only has Site A, what exactly do you want to do with Site B?

    If you still want Site B active and you as the owner, first you'll have to register another account (User B) using a different email address than the one you used to create User A and then transfer Site B from User A to User B.

    That's the only solution I know of.

  5. FWIW-This is what is explained in the Support doc you linked to above on moving a blog. It doesn't matter if User B is you or someone else, the method is the same.

  6. first you'll have to register another account

    Doesn't this seem an awkward way. What will happen with the new account then. I think I'll then create another account to separate that one and so on.

  7. I just suppressed the other blog and dominated this one.
    This seems the best solution to me. Thank you Jennifer.

  8. A new account is it's own stand alone account.

    If you want to separate the blogs so you can add a second user to the second blog there is no need to, if you add a second user to blog B for instance the new user only has access to blog B.

  9. How will I add second user to my second blog? (without creating a new account)

  10. There is no way to do so without having a second account, which means creating a new account if you don't have one.

    I'm assuming that you've changed your username from somebloggingtips to iphonist1, as described here which as far as I understand the process won't separate your sites, as you mentioned you wanted to do.

    As I am not entirely familiar with the procedure involved in changing one's username, I could be wrong and will wait for input from another forum volunteer.

  11. Yes as I mentioned earlier that I change my username and primary blog too and suppressed the other one. But I did not find any option to add another username.

  12. If you wish to have two completely separate and unassociated blogs then you log out of and create a second username account using a different email address. Then you can add the new username account as an Admin of the blog you want to transfer to that account and use this process to transfer the blog to the new username account.

  13. Thanks TT.
    But this is not something extra than Jennifer told me.Actually I have two blogs B1, B2 having same username and you suggest me to create a new blog B3 (isn't it?). Then transfer B2 to B3 to separate B1 from B2.
    In the end I have B1 blog and B2 and B3 in one. So I 'm exactly there from where I started. I mean two blogs in one. That's the actual thing I want to avoid. I just want B1 as a separate blog from B2 not from B2B3.

  14. You can create a new account without a blog.

    Once you have the new account setup, transfer the desired blog to it following this guide:

  15. Thanks Macmanx.
    Nice to see you here.

  16. You can create a new account without a blog

    This is what I was looking for.

  17. You're welcome!

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