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Delete "st" and "th" in Press Row?

  1. Hi, folks. PressRow is a great template for a class project I'm working on. But the dates post with an "st" or "th" (March 21st; April 4th), which my instructor hates. Does anyone know how to change this to a straight date (March 21; April 4)? My work-in-progress site is

  2. It needs to be fixed in options in your dashboard.

  3. Actually, i think this is how the theme works. Different themes display the date differently.

    I love instructors with nothing better to pick on than a couple of letters after the date *eyeroll*

  4. @atthe404
    I recently replaced the date format of "F j, Y" with "l j F Y". Although the date is correctly displayed on the Options->General page, existing posts still use the same format.

    When do the dates get updated? Or, is it only new posts that will display the new date format?

  5. *chuckle*

    In pressrow, the datetime display is hardcoded. It can't be changed. It's displayed in the following manner:

    F jS, Y

    That captial 'S' is what's causing the issue as that's what displays the extention. For reference

  6. A lot of themes hardcode the date format so you can't change it through the options panel. Owing to a 'quirk' in the way WP templates work, if the theme designer wants the date to appear on every post they have to hardcode it rather than using the options settings. There's not a lot that can be done about this, other than WP adjusting their template tags or designers coming to terms with the date only appearing once per day. If it really bothers you, send a feedback.

  7. I need to fess up that I hadn't understood the subtlety in this question. Sorry.

  8. I gotta admit that this is one of my biggest annoyances with themes. I disagree with wank (Sorry) about it being a quirk as from the codex, if they leave the function call blank, it should show using the method that you selected:

  9. ... dates post with an "st" or "th" (March 21st; April 4th), which my instructor hates

    I can't wrap my head around a teacher who does not want pupils to express dates correctly. If this "teacher" also happens to be teaching English, then I would laugh out loud at his or her preference for textspeak formatting.

  10. TT, do read the webcomic I linked it. It's a "We have the power to make you do what we want" thingie.

  11. @drmike
    Sure and the link to the web comic is?

  12. 5th post in the thread.

  13. "Chuckle"- of course - how obvious.
    lack of caffeine = slow of wit (I'm off coffee too ... sigh) :(

  14. Unfortunately, the_time without parameters picks up the 'default time format' settings rather than the 'default date format' field, and requiring users to fill in the PHP date format in the time field would just mess with people's heads even more than the current situtation. It's bad enough that the poor guys have to keep running to to learn random strings of letters, as opposed to having something simple and newbie-friendly like a drop-down menu with sample formats. The whole handling of dates in WP is a classic example of something that's been the same ever since b2 and has never had anyone come along and ask whether it could be improved.

  15. Before folk are going to come along with useful suggestions it is first necessary to create an atmosphere that leads them to believe that their views are welcomed. That has rarely been the case with WordPress. Its a fiefdom. And we are the serfs.

  16. @drmike
    Thanks for your explanation. I'm not too bothered about not being about to getting rid of the suffix. I have learnt to read the PHP documentation and play with the date time formats in the Options->General page :)

  17. Thanks, everyone. So nice to see such an active and helpful community. I have been away for several days or I would have responded sooner.

  18. behindhiddendoors

    so i imagine customizing the date/time presentation of your blog timestamps is out of the question then, right? that's a big bummer for me, i wanted to display the time of each post, not just the date. i'd leave feedback right now, but they apparently don't accept feedback on weekends (what's up with that?).
    so anyway, if Options->General->Default Date Format doesn't set the format of your blog timestamps, what's it for?


  19. The date format in options works for some themes, it just doesn't work for all of them. I'm guessing it would work in Classic and the themes which are based on Classic (Toni, Rubric, Silver is the new Black, Shocking Blue Green, probably some others I can't remember off the top of my head) but other than that, finding themes which respect it is pretty much trial and error, I'm afraid.

    (Also, feedback is closed on weekends because official support is just the one guy, and he has a family ;) )

  20. ...and pretty much works 18 hours every day monday through friday. The forums are pretty much triage on the weekends and we [meaning me and the other regulars] have a method of contacting someone if needbe. (You missed the spammer who just got whacked here in the forums)

    We've asked for a weekend person to be hired and suggest your throw your weight in on that as well.

    The issue with the setting is that most theme designer have hard coded the display into their themes which overrides the setting. Feel free to weight in on that as well because I agree that's not correct either. (Just noted that on my own WPMu install as well)

  21. This thread lists to themes with and without timestamps. Note the date on it and that new themes have since been added

  22. The poster is not asking about timestamps in general. They want their selection to be displayed in teh way they have selected it on Dashboard -> Options -> General, not have it hard coded by the theme designer.

  23. oops! sorry :(

  24. Not a problem :)

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