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    Is the only way to remove and delete certain unwanted components of a theme to upgrade WordPress in order to edit the CSS? I want to remove a lot of the text fields, photos, navigation and comment section, but as I am very new to WordPress, I am unable to figure out how.

    I have no problem paying or an upgrade if it will allow me to do this, but was a bit surprised I wouldn’t be able to do this on the free version.

    Really what I am looking to do is have a very, very simple and clean splash page, with a background image that takes up the entire page (similar to Airbnb), title, and registration field overlay that captures name and email. Most of the themes I have played around with have too much going on for my liking, and I would love to remove most of what they offer, but I have been unable to do so.


    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, you’ll need to edit the CSS in order to do that. You need the Custom Design upgrade to do so:


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    registration field overlay that captures name and email.

    You won’t be able to capture names and emails on

    Folks who leave comments on your site may leave a valid name and email. or you can have a Contact form. But there is no automatic capture of names and emails of the people who visit your site.


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    Perhaps you are not aware that there are different flavors of wordpress:

    Here is a link to the contact form here on


    Thanks for the info, and apologies for being very new at this so your patience is very appreciated.

    So my understanding is that if I went with, hosted the site with someone other than wordpress, and upgraded so that I can edit the CSS/PHP, then there shouldn’t be any issues with me setting up a slick looking registration field? Right now I just want to build out a splash page that allows people to enter in their email address or register w/ Facebook Connect.

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