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    Hi i oppend a account omn1ta
    please delete the account

    The blog I need help with is



    To delete a free hosted WordPress.COM blog you must be logged in under the exact same username account that registered a blog. To prevent accidental or inadvertent deletion there are multiple warnings given that blog deletion is permanent and irreversible. Lastly, a verification link is sent in an email and must be clicked to delete a blog. If clicking that link does not work then copy and paste it into your upper browser window and click. Once clicked the URL is gone forever.
    Deleted blog URLs are not recycled, regardless of who registered and deleted them and no exceptions are made.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Deleting blog content and deleting blogs does not remove any indexed content from the SERPs (search engine page results). Google and Bing only clear their caches of deleted indexed content that produces a 404 (page not found) every 3 – 6 months.

    Here’s how to deactivate your account:
    All you were required to provide to register an account here was an email address that can be replaced at any time.

    Any personal information that you voluntarily posted can also be removed at any time.

    Although username accounts are not deleted, so you cannot be impersonated and have your reputation affected by anyone registering the same username in the future, there are steps you can take that amount to removing all personal information and result in leaving only a throwaway email address behind.

    1. You can go to My Account->Edit Profile and remove all data except the account name and an email address. Create a throwaway email address and change the account email to that throwaway address. This only leaves the username behind.

    2. To unsubscribe from email sent to you from, go here and click on “Block all subscription emails from”:

    3. To ensure the account is locked up tightly, visit this site, generate a password of 15-20 characters, and change the account password to it:

    4. To hide your Gravatar profile, login and on the bottom right hand corner of your Gravatar profile page you will find a “hide” button visible only to you that you can click.



    Wordpress accounts cannot be deleted. However, if you are trying to delete your blog, that can be done if you follow these steps:
    Let me know if you have any additional questions.



    If you have any additional questions be sure to post them as the longtime Volunteers like myself have the answers to them. ;)



    Thank you. I’m trying to be polite and helpful even though I am a brand new volunteer and clearly haven’t learned all there is to learn. You previously suggested that I start out by searching questions that have already been asked and posting a link that has supplied the correct answer. I will work on rephrasing myself so that I don’t give off the impression that I have all the answers, since this appears to be what you are hinting at. ;)

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