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delete the content of the blog

  1. I like to delete a blog but I want to keep the domain. MR Larsen gave me this blog I like the domain, but there are stuff on it and I like a clean start whit it. So I can put my own blog ( ) on it and delete it then. (hopefully the dates will be the same then.)
    Can this be done on a easy way or do I need to delete every post manually.
    Thanks a lot

  2. It's a manual job....

  3. Why don't you make me hapy :P
    But when a delete a blog then the domain name can't be regestated again.
    Or didn't I get that wrong from the FAQ

  4. He's got at most 20 posts - it's not such a big job :)

    ..and my blog? it asks a question, it doesn't answer it - though you could if you are there. Top right is the place :)

  5. I'm sorry but didn't get:
    ..and my blog? it asks a question, it doesn't answer it - though you could if you are there. Top right is the place :)

  6. @dennispater
    Are you having some difficulty communicating in English with Podz? Is Dutch perhaps your mother tongue?
    The reference to the top right hand corner could be a reference to sending in a feedback and authorizing Podz to do this on your behalf. I am not sure of that but it's worth trying. Otherwise you must delete each and every post in the "Dennis" blog manually.
    After that you can import your contents from your "dennispater" blog into the "dennis" blog. Then you will have to import the blogroll seaparately. Lastly you can delete the "dennispater" blog.

    Wordt u gehad één of andere moeilijkheid communicerend in het Engels met Podz? Is Nederlands misschien uw moedertaal? De verwijzing naar de hoogste rechtse hoek zou een verwijzing kunnen zijn naar het verzenden in een terugkoppeling en het machtigen Podz om dit uit uw naam te doen. Ik ben niet zeker van dat maar het is proberend de moeite waard. Anders moet u elke en elke post in "Dennis" manueel schrappen blog. Na dat kunt u uw inhoud van uw "dennispater" blog in "Dennis" invoeren blog. Dan zult u blogroll moeten seaparately invoeren. Ten slotte kunt u "dennispater" schrappen blog.

    If you will give me some time to eat my evening meal I will provide intsructions for how to do these steps for you. Will that suit you?

    Als u me wat tijd zult geven om mijn avondmaaltijd te eten zal ik intsructions voor hoe te om deze stappen voor u te doen verstrekken. Zal dat u aanpassen?

  7. @timethief
    Yes it is. And Translated it, but still didn't figure it out. I'm sorry for it. If you read the first post on my blog(s) then you notice a little english ;)

    I've done the transport (very easy and smooth), but the Archives didn't move whit it :'(
    When i click on a date it really show the context then again.
    Can that maybe be undone. And show the archive what i posted on
    Thanks again

  8. The archives cannot appear until you drag and drop your widgets into the sidebar.

    De archieven kunnen verschijnen niet tot u sleept en uw widgets in sidebar laat vallen.

    When you export/import your blogroll must be done separately from the blog.
    (1) Visit http://mydomain.tld/wp-links-opml.php. [Substitute the name of your own blog for "mydomain.tld"]. That generates an OPML list which you can import via Dashboard -> Blogroll -> Import Links. Do note though that the link categories won't come over and you'll have to edit them manually.
    (2) You will have to save this opml list to your desktop and then open it as a text file in a plain text editor like either Notebook or Wordpad (warning: do not open it in MicroSoft Word) and save it as *.txt.
    (3) Now you import the blogroll in the *.txt file into the blog.
    (4) Each link will have to be re-assigned to specific categories.

    Wanneer u/uitvoert uw blogroll moet afzonderlijk worden gedaan invoer.
    (1) Bezoek http://mydomain.tld/wp-verbinding-opml.php. [ substitueer de naam van uw eigen blog voor "mydomain.tld" ]. Dat produceert een Opml- lijst die u via Dashboard - Blogroll kunt invoeren - invoert Verbindingen. Nemen van nota hoewel dat de verbindingscategorieën niet zal langskomen en u hen zult moeten manueel uitgeven.
    (2) U zal moet sparen deze opmllijst aan uw Desktop en dan het als tekstdossier in een duidelijke tekstredacteur zoals of Notitieboekje of Wordpad (waarschuwing: open het niet in Microsoft Word) openen en bewaart het zoals * txt. (3) u nu blogroll in het * txt dossier in blog invoert.
    (4) Elke verbinding zal aan specifieke categorieën moeten worden opnieuw toegewezen.

  9. @timethief
    Anyway thank for the translation. Your English is better then your dutch (never use a translate machine). But I've completed the transport.
    And the Archives are already visible

    My Archives didn't move whit the transport. If you press now on a link from Archives then this won't work. Only the first one works. Can I do something about it.
    Thanks a lot

  10. Dank u allen voor deze medewerking ;)
    Ben alleen de mooie thema kwijt, maar voor de rest doet alles het.

    Thank you all for your help ;)
    Only the beatufull theme is gone, but it works all fine.

  11. Please accept my apologies for reverting to the use of the machine for translation. But believe me it is better than my own very bad attempts would have been. You will now have to take up the archives issue with Podz in a feedback. Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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