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Delete the sidebar, Titan Theme

  1. I experimented with different no side bar themes, like "book-lite", no sidebar, but it had all 25 of my pages listed at the bottom of every page. I was unsuccessful in deleting that list
    Went back to Titian and discovered that my sidebar had reappeared, without widgets, listing the following on a sidebar in every page:
    Recent Posts
    No categories
    Also, "No Categories" appeared as last item of pages across the top. It doesn't display anything with the cursor hover or click.
    How do I get rid of the sidebar and the mysterious "No Categories"?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just put the empty RSS widget into your sidebar again.

  3. As for the categories in your top navigation,
    if you have a custom menu then remove the "categories" page
    but if you didn't make a custom menu, then make one with only the pages you want to use:

  4. I tried out Book Lite on a test blog and think it looks nice and crisp.

    Did you have a widget in one of the footer bars? Maybe a pages widget or a menu widget? It's worth trying it again to see if that happened somehow. When there are no widgets in either of the bottom bars, the bottom of my test blog was empty.

  5. a) Footer widget areas are optional. As Tess says, when you switch to a theme with footer widget areas there will be no widgets in the footer except if you had previously added a widget yourself in a similar theme. You just go to Appearance > Widgets and delete it.
    b) In most themes with a sidebar, when no widgets have been added, the theme displays a sample set of sidebar items. You get rid of them by adding your own.
    c) But there's no point experimenting with themes that have a sidebar if you want no sidebar. In the other thread you've started I explained that if you don't want a sidebar there are three types of themes that would do in your case.

  6. BookLite theme looks good but I am not after appearance, I want a theme that will work well with WP "Write a Book" and the Blog to Book services transfer it discusses.

    I had forgot moving an empty RSS widget to clear sidebar, got that done. Worked the Custom Menu, the "no Categories" still appears with the pages at the end of the menu.

  7. 1. The "Write a Book" suggestion and the rest work with practically every theme.

    2. The "No categories" tab appears because the regular top menu in Titan includes post categories by default, and you have no posts. Go to Appearance > Theme Options, click to open the Navigation module, check the option "Hide all categories", save.

  8. Your instructions on getting rid of the "No Categories" tab worked. I do find Book-Lite more pleasant, but can't get rid of the "Start Here" footer, on every page appearing with no widgets selected. I'll work on that later.

  9. As Tess and I pointed out earlier, themes don't display footer widgets unless you add your own. "Start Here" is the title you've given to a Pages widget you've added in Footer Three.

  10. I have not added a pages widget nor have I titled any Page widgets. All my footers are blank on my widgets page. I have never typed "Start Here" because the top menu takes the visitor right to the home page automatically.
    Must be another problem.

  11. I have been trying different things, I highlighted the title "Footer Three" in an attempt to delete it. When it was highlighted, "Start Here" came into view, not visible before the highlight, and I was able to delete that which solved the problem.

  12. Fred, It looks very good now: professional and crisp. Easy to read, and to navigate. Very good work.

    I'm almost afraid to ask you, but when you talk about "write a book" are you asking about how to write your site to make an ebook or to print your own limited edition (self-published)?

  13. Very glad you E-mailed me. I had signed out so I could test visitors to my web site using my lap top (I usually work from a PC). Lap top couldn't get on Google, for some reason, and I could visit my site from the PC but never got the sign on form. When you E-mail me I could get to my site by replying to you and then play administrator again.
    Yeah, the BookLite theme looks good, I wonder how I can get the header to be all sky and clouds.
    My original intent was to create a web site, upload a small portion of my book, ask visitors to sign-up to get notifications of more content, show publishers the number of visitors to influence them that the book would sell.
    I don't know if this is a good idea and don't know how I can send an E-mail to a batch of visitors when I decide that the time is right.
    While learning to use WordPress, I discovered write-a-book and thought that it would give me an option of self publishing using FastPencil that I learned of though write-a-book; however, I would like to influence a publisher to publish the book.
    I have been surprised at the amount of time I have spent on the web site development but I am getting to the point that I will be able to write more pages, keep them in draft form and publish in small batches if I figure out to work the E-mail notifications.
    What do you think?

  14. 1tess, I looked through the widgets to see if there was one that I could put in a footer to send the visitor back to the top of a page when she read a complete page. Some of my chapters will be long. I don't want an entire menu in the footer, just something that returns to the top.
    Do I start another thread for that question?

  15. Hi Fred,

    I think we may be getting terms mixed up, but just to be sure I need to confirm: I did not email you. I have only communicated with you here in these forums. I foolishly left my lap-top logged in on my desk while I left the office, so if you did get an email from me, well, it wasn't me. Or do you mean this correspondence here in these public forums? I only wonder because if you got an email, then my computer may not be secure…

    Okay, on to other topics:

    I don't know anything about "fast pencil" so cannot advise about that.

    The web site development can certainly take a lot of time. But what you have now looks great. Spend time on your writing.

    As for the email notifications, you are doing things in an un-blog-like way. If you were doing posts, people /general public could "follow" or "subscribe" to your blog. But you are using pages and those are not options. And you want to target a particular audience, so I think you will have to do that by hand, or in person, or something like that: let them know via personal email that you have a book they would be interested in publishing.

    My husband has published a couple of articles in a regional paper and that happened via personal contact with the editor? publisher? (I'm not sure of the fellow's exact position.) My sister-in-law also used personal contacts (and friends of friends) to get her first book of poetry published 25 years ago. She's published a number of poetry books, and co-authored various other books, worked for the poetry foundation and has a good reputation among poets to continue: but it was / is a lot of work.

    I assume you know all of that though.

  16. Some of my chapters will be long.

    This might work for you to split a long post into several pages.
    Take a look at pagination:

  17. long page, instead of long post
    is what I meant

  18. Every time you answer one of my questions, the forums system sends me an email message containing your complete answer. I can press a "reply" button and automatically I am connected to the forums so it is normal for me to refer to your answers as "email messages". No problem with your laptop.
    I am still having problems logging into my website. The only way I could get in this morning was to reply to the system's email message. It states that I cannot respond unless I login and the words "login" are highlighted. When I press that, I can get into my website. This is a huge problem!

    I thought of the website because so many authors complete manuscripts and can't get an agent or a publisher to even read them. I need to test if I set the website "public", can a potential user get into it and complete the sign up form, and can I receive, from the system, the people who have signed up and with their email addresses. I may have to advertise the website in aviation and history magazines, etc.

    I'll look up pagination later. I am worried about the inability to login to my website.

  19. Correction, Tess, where I wrote "login" I should have written " view forums".

    I just got into the website by clicking on "view forums" and changed the website from public to private. Now when I attempt to get into the website I get a request for my user ID and password and everything works well.

    The problem is when I tried to connect to "" I could not get to the website.

    I'll troubleshoot this thing on this end. Thanks, Fred

  20. That's good about the email situation. You are subscribed to this thread so you do get notices which are emailed to you. Thank you for setting my mind at peace about the security of my laptop. I'm glad no one at my job used my laptop while I left it unattended. LOL: I just wondered.

    …can a potential user get into it and complete the sign up form, and can I receive, from the system, the people who have signed up and with their email addresses.

    Your site is private again, but while it was open, your contact form certainly looked fine. While your blog is private, I cannot test it though (by sending you a message).

    You should be able to access your site with this link:

    (you have mapped your site to ?)

  21. This is what happens when I tried to use your address:

    Firefox can't find the server at

    I did not type the www, I just copied the address you gave me. But I can get in now by using old bookmark.

    I'll go public again now. The only thing I think that remains is how do I get list of people who have signed-up and the best way to E-mail them of notification of increased content.

    When I bought the domain name "" I think that it automatically goes to the old WordPress name.

  22. Ah. The site linked to your username is what I used. You should change that to reflect where your site really is.

    How to make your name link to your blog:
    Go into your dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to 'Account Details'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.

    …how do I get list of people who have signed-up and the best way to E-mail them of notification of increased content.

    With your page-based site, you will have to do that manually. If you had posts, then readers would be able to "follow" or "subscribe" to your blog so every time you posted they would be notified.

  23. I changed the website under accounts details to read; What about "Primary website" above account details?

    If I turn one of my pages into a post for E-mail notification, I guess it would have to be the sign-up page. I don't like that because that would be the first page a visitor will see.

  24. Could I change some pages from published to draft and then when I wish, change them back to public and then the followers will be notified?

  25. You username now links to your site! Great!

    Don't change your pages because I believe you like the page based system. But you can set your front page to being static and have a post page in your custom menu. Call the blog page something like "Updates" instead of blog. Use it to say that you have added more information about Goering and Hitler (or whichever page you have worked on). Let anyone subscribe to it: who knows? one of those folks might be looking for a book to publish!

    I'm not sure if your theme allows a sidebar where you could put a subscribe widget on just the post page. I'm sorry, but it's getting toward midnight and I have to work tomorrow.

    best wishes.

  26. Could I change some pages from published to draft and then when I wish, change them back to public and then the followers will be notified?

    No, people can only subscribe to posts. not to pages.

  27. What happens when a visitor signs up on my sign-up page the way it is set up now? How do I know that they have signed up?Do I find out through stats?

  28. Just about to sleep, but I'll sign up now so you will see.

  29. Yeah!
    I just found you in feed backs, Contains your name and E-mail address.
    Did you include the following comment?

    "testing your sign up page so you will see what happens when someone uses it"

    It looks that the contact form on my page "sign-up" works. I am getting excited, but there may be too many responses to handle manually. I hope so. I don't like the idea that anyone can copy content or pictures from a post of mine. That's way I wanted pages. First off, I want to maintain my copyright, also, If I get permission from a Wilson relative to publish a family photo and put on my site in a post, could anyone copy and publish it anywhere?
    Thanks again for "burning the midnight oil".

  30. Could I copy sign-ins from feedback to a word Processor and than edit information to just contain e-mail addresses and use that for e-mail notifications and list to impress publishers?


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