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    I am Havin problems with word press- have not used site in over a year- I keep getting automatic renewal emails- I do not wish to carry on with this site- please delete my blog for me and anything to do with word press- I don’t understand how to use the website and am struggling to unsubscribe and delete – it’s not the website- it’s just me- I don’t understand how to use it- and just don’t bother with it to be honest with you




    I am sorry that you are struggling with the website. To unsubscribe from email notifications, please follow the instructions here:

    Under Default Email Delivery, select No email delivery and check the box beside Block Emails.

    That should fix all your issues about getting emails.

    If you really wish to remove your account, please follow the instructions here:
    Please note that some of the steps here are permanent (you won’t be able to reuse your blog address in the future, for example) so just make sure that that is what you want to do.

    Hope that helps!

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