Delete unused blog, and rename main blog to the old blog's name.

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    When i purchased the domain, it created 2 blogs.

    and (set as default)

    I have deleted and i want to rename to but it says “Sorry, that site already exists!”

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this site.

    Once a blog URL is deleted it is gone forever and can’t be used again, blog URL’s are not recycled at WordPress.COM.

    You can pick a different name if you want. However domain mapping covers up the base URL of the blog so not a big identity thing. Someone needs to really know what to look for to find the underlying blog name (most folks don’t)



    You can’t use a deleted URL. There are three warnings and an email confirmation to make sure you don’t delete it without being serious. As the warnings say, deletion is permanent and irreversible, and neither you nor anyone else can use that URL again.


    Well…that is a bummer.


    i see what you’re saying auxclass. I suppose it isnt a huge deal. So what should I have done differently? Mapped to the domain name?



    Yes you could have mapped the domain name to OR you could have transferred the domain mapping (or what ever upgrade to not a big deal actually, only takes a few minutes to do the transfer.

    About the only thing you can’t fix here is deleting a blog URL, might need a bit of help from the Forum here or the staff, but most things can be fixed


    Any staff out there that have the ability to help me get this corrected? (if its an easy fix?) If not, that is fine, i will deal with it. But if its a quick fix, i’d like to have instead. If only for consistency.



    The staff will not revive a blog URL, they have stated that many times and that is the official policy, if the staff could bring your blog name back for you either raincoaster or myself would have flagged this for the staff to help you


    Ahh, ok. Well, thanks for replying to my questions anyhow.



    you be welcome

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