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    I’m using Chateau. I’ve just purchased the upgrade and changed the header font. Cool. But now I have to delve into the CSS to make the other fix I want and I’m a total newbie.

    This theme displays an upper footer widget area at the top of the page. If I recall correctly, it originally placed a search box widget there. Yuk. I went to the widget area, and had it display ‘Pages” instead; better, but I really would like to not have anything there at all.

    I’ve moved everything out of ALL of the footer widgets, and my ‘Pages’ still appear at the top of the page.

    What can I do with this theme to not have any info show in the upper footer widget area?



    Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question?



    Oooops. Sorry:

    [UPDATE: Link removed by staff. Please contact support directly at for help because your blog is marked as mature.]



    Before the Volunteer who helps with CSS enters this thread I suggest that you read the theme description and live demo so you are clear on how the theme is designed to operate, as well as on the fact that CSS cannot be used to alter functionality; it can only be used to alter appearance.

    Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?
    No. The Custom Design upgrade allows you to edit fonts and CSS only. You can change the appearance of a theme, but not its HTML markup, PHP code, or content.


    I see absolutely nothing in the footer of the site (bottom) you reference, so apparently you have gotten this resolved.



    Thanks for looking thesacredpath, but the fix I’m looking for is in the upper footer area (I know, footers are supposed to be at the bottom of the page, but this theme uses an ‘upper footer area’ which is at the very top pof the page). Mine currently lists my ‘Pages” which start with ‘About”

    Timethief, I’ve reviewed both theme description and live demo as suggested neitther of which helped. I’ve also spent some time learning the difference between HTML and CSS. I’m very familiar with the former, it’s the later tthat has me stumped. Perhaps I’m thinking the upper footer widget, which in this theme sticks what it wants there, is a matter of appearance when it’s not? That I don’t want it to appear at all is an impossibility?

    I was able to not have the blog’s title show in this general area. And can change the content of the upper footer widget using the widgets page. But when I try and leave that widget blank (so nothing appears there) the theme fills it in anyway (though in the actual widget box on the widget page nothing is shown).


    In the Chateau theme, the Upper Footer Widget Area actually does appear in the footer. You can test this by adding a text widget with some content in it to that section on the Appearance → Widgets page and then reload the home page to see where it appears.

    It actually kind of sounds like you are talking about the top navigation, which you can hide in the Chateau theme with the following CSS:

    header nav { display: none; }


    That isn’t a footer and that isn’t a widget area. It is the top navigation menu.

    If you do not want it, create a custom menu, include nothing in it (leave it blank), save it and then assign it to the “primary” menu location and again save.

    Of course now no one will be able to get to those pages that are listed at the top of the site.



    Okay, so I did say I knew nothing about CSS.
    So yes, designsimply, the upper footer widget does appear in the footer (and still fills it in with what it wants) but I belive both you and thesacredpath have hit on my first problem: It’s the top navigation menu I’m trying to rid myself of.
    And I’ve now got two different fixes. Between the two, one should work (if not both). I’ll try ’em and let ya know.



    You guys rock!
    I used designsimply’s CSS suggestion first. Brave of me. It worked like a champ. But it also moved my header image to the very top of the page.
    So I tried the sacredpath’s custom menu suggestion and got rid of the previously listed pages and it still left a nice black space before the header image.
    Thank you both for your help!


    There’s often more than one way to do the same thing in any kind of code. :)

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