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    A blog that I wrote has been deleted, and I didn’t do it. My ex husband says that he flagged it as a violation of terms of service, but it in no way was – would WordPress delete a blog before even reading it to see if it was a violation??? Or am I dealing with my ex-husband hacking into my account and deleting it which is completely possible.
    Please help or I need a contact number or email as to who can answer this for me, because if he hacked into my account I am going to file a police report.
    thanks – Brooke

    The blog I need help with is


    Works for me:

    Mr. Wright, as he requested to be called (family name), is the first person I have been on a date with that knows about my blog. I was hesitant to go on a date with someone that has read it for several reasons.


    Or are you talking about something other than the one in your post?



    WordPress doesn’t delete blogs for ToS violations: it suspends them. The second of the two is far, FAR more likely.



    My exhusband is not the person in the Mr. Wright post… that’s a totally different person. And that person knows and likes that I wrote about him.

    I had a different post that is completely gone, I can’t find it anywhere… and this comes after my ex husband harassing me all day about taking it down.

    Ok, so WordPress would not delete a post. What does suspend mean really? Would I be able to see it somewhere if it were suspended?



    Are you sure this post or page is not in draft form in your dashboard?

    > Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Drafts

    > Dashboard > Pages > All Pages > Drafts


    So, you’re just talking about a single post? Not the entire thing?

    There have been some glitches where posts don’t show up. Have you checked your Drafts folder?



    What does suspend mean really? Would I be able to see it somewhere if it were suspended?

    Suspended is for blogs that break the ToS and I don’t that’s factor here.



    It is a single post that is missing, not my entire blog. And no, it is not still in draft form. I had it published, several people liked it, and then after a day of my ex husband berating me about taking it down (and my refusing) I came home went to my blog and it was gone. He’s an IT guy and knows how to do A LOT of computer stuff, so I think the issue is he hacked into my account and deleted it.
    I’ve reposted the post (thankfully I had emailed it to a friend so I had a copy of it), it’s called The Techy (Take 2). Hopefully it stays up this time… If he guesses my password this time then he will deserve an award for best guess of random password! Thanks for everyone’s help!! It is very violating to know someone can get into your personal life like that and do what they want!

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