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Deleted Blog

  1. Is there any way to restore a deleted blog: [email redacted]

    The address at that time was [email redacted]

  2. Hello there,
    Blog addresses are never recycled, but you can register for a custom domain.

    Addresses (URLs) for blogs that have been deleted by the owner will remain deleted. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow someone to take over the address of a blog that was previously owned and deleted by its original/previous owner.

    Fortunately, there is a nearly infinite supply of unused blog addresses – so our policy should not limit your address selection significantly. You can also register a custom domain for use with your blog so that the original ‘’ domain/URL is never visible to your readers.

    I hope this helps. =)

  3. Thanks for your wasn't the name I was after, but the info that was on there! I was too trigger happy.

  4. LOL! You're in good company! =)

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