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Deleted blog but forgot to remove domain mapping. Need staff to remove

  1. Hello all I had previously made a topic but didn't get any replies. I had domain mapping on my old wordpress blog but I figured out that's not what I had intended to do. I am using a self hosted domain on Godaddy and wanted to install wordpress to that site. Instead I mapped my old blog to that domain and didn't realize I couldn't customize my themes or anything of the sort. Now after I deleted my blog and tried to install wordpress on my hosted domain it still sends me to my old blog. Although I deleted it it's sending me to that address at

    I need to have a staff member remove and refund me the domain mapping on my old blog. Please if anyone could flag this for a staff member I would appreciate it! Thanks

  2. What is the URL you want removed please? This thread is tagged for Staff assistance.

  3. its either this was the original name I purchased the domain mapping on.
    and yesterday it was changed to because I was trying to see why my domain was being forwarded to wordpress.

  4. The top level domain here is
    All free hosted blogs here are on sub-domains.
    You posted two sub-domain URLs above.

    What is the URL of the domain?


  6. Thank you.

  7. Just wondering is there a timeline on when this will be removed/refunded?

  8. Sorry but we Volunteers don't have clue when Staff will do this. They have a backlog of support requests and there is rarely a visible Staff presence on these support forums on weekends.

  9. ah ok thanks anyways

  10. You're welcome.

  11. ahh please fix this ASAP! I need to get back to work!

  12. Please be patient while waiting as there are others who posted for help long before you did.

  13. This request has been handled by a private support ticket.

  14. For some reason I'm still being directed to my old blogs address? Is there something that I have to do on the host end to get it to stop forwarding to this address?

  15. This request has been handled by a private support ticket. Please check your email and also check your email client spam/junk mail filter just in case it's in there.

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