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Deleted blog, but still want to use domain name

  1. So I wanted to re-start my blog (never really started in the first place.. am still figuring things out), so I deleted my blog. But I still have my domain name ( I want to know how to switch it to another host. The instructions for switching a blog domain name don't apply here because I deleted my blog.. any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. is mapped to a valid WordPress.COM blog that has content.

    So I guess this leaves me a bit confused - do you want to transfer to a different blog here or do you want to move completely off of WordPress.COM?

  3. If you deleted the blog that the domain name was attached to, then you will have to contact staff and probably have to make another blog so that they can move the domain name over to it so that you have dashboard access to the domain management area. After that is done, then you can update the nameservers for your domain name and point it wherever you choose.

  4. that is what confuses me too. i deleted it, its not on my dashboard anymore. but is still mapped to it. I want to completely remove it from, and use it through another host, which i'm using with.. does that make sense? haha

  5. thesacredpath - ohh ok! that makes sense, thanks!

  6. If you are wanting to transfer the domain registration to another registrar, you cannot do that till after 60 days (ICANN rule) and then you need to check with the intended registrar. Typically there is between a $10 and $25 transfer fee, and they also typically make you pay for an additional year of registration up front which could bring the cost to $40.

    There is no reason to move the domain registration, especially considering that at $5 per year for the registration here, that is about as inexpensive as you will find it.

  7. Ok, can I map it to another location then atleast? I just already have everything set up under now..

  8. Yes. You can update the nameservers for your domain name and point it wherever you choose.

  9. Ok, the problem is I don't have a blog anymore, so I don't have access to the domain management section.

  10. Staff will reopen the support link on Monday and you can contact them for help then.

  11. Ohk, thanks! I appreciate all the help.

  12. BTW have you registered an new blog? I do think thesacredpath is right and that you may have to so you have access to a dashboard and domain management settings.

  13. I tried.. but couldn't find the link to do so?

  14. You are logged in so all you have to do is point your browser to to register a new blog.

  15. is a valid blog using your account name and is mapped to - the dashboard should be available by mousing over your name in the top gray navigation bar on the right side of the bar.

  16. ~~auxclass
    OMG! I didn't try it. You're right. It's still there. Thank goodness you checked and posted here.

  17. I hadn't tried it either. You know I just remembered seeing something in the forums here. I don't think the WordPress software will allow you to delete a blog that is attached to a custom domain name just for this reason; so that you do not lose access to the domain management.

  18. I had two blogs in my account, due to some reason, i had deleted both the blogs by going to TOOLS > DELETE SITE> Permanently delete blog, but the names of the blogs are not getting deleted, i call still publish posts.... quite weird, can somebody plz help how todelete my two blogs asap??

  19. Before a site deletion is complete, you have to click the link in the confirmation email that is sent to you. Until that is done the site will not be deleted.

    If you did not receive the confirmation emails, check the spam filters at your email service provider to make sure they did not get caught there.

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