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  1. I am new to this. I had deleted my blog and created a new one cause I wanted to start over. I didn't know that it would be permanently deleted. But anyway I created a new blog now my domain was mapped to my old blog and it's not letting me map to my new blog, saying that's it's already mapped.

    How do I map my domain to my new blog?

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Once deleted blogs cannot be restored. The URLs cannot be recycled and reused by the blogger who deleted them or by anyone else. This is made clear in 3 separate warnings and followed by an email confirmation link required to delete the blog.

    As you have a domain mapping upgrade you will need to contact Staff to have it applies to another site >

  3. I'll try to contact the staff hopefully they will be able to apply it to another site.

    Thanks for the info

  4. Yes they will be able to apply the domain mapping upgrade to another site. Not to worry. They will help you sort this out.

  5. OMG you're a life saver. TY

  6. No I'm not. I can do nothing. It's Staff that can do this for you.

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