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Deleted blog, can't create new one!

  1. I created a blog. Then, I deleted it. Now I want to start fresh, but use the same blog title and address. Is this possible?

  2. No. A deleted blog is deleted forever. A deleted url is never recycled. You can confirm this in the FAQs.

  3. Pretty much. That's why the delete blog page and the email that you received said that.

  4. On the other hand, I also deleted my first blog. But I want to start a new, different one - but I don't see the way to do so... any help out there?

  5. Even if you deleted your first blog, you have 2 options. After logging in with your account, visit the main page and it will show a form to signup for a new blog. That or just visit the blog URL that you would like ( and if it isn't taken and you are logged in, it will ask you if you want it.

    Last option is logout and go to the main page and signup for a new account name and a new blog.


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