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    I deleted my blog but I’ve seen that it still is visible to the public.


    Can’t you go to your trash can and permanently delete it?


    I can’t. I can no longer access the dashboard of the blog. I’m really frustrated.



    Are you trying to delete completely the blog ?

    Or are you needing help with another blog?

    Do you have more than one account / user name?

    There is also a lost password option


    Yes, I’m trying to delete all the content of the blog so that it would not be visible to the public anymore. I can log in to my account but the problem is, it says in my account that I don’t have any blog anymore so there’s nothing I can do to delete the posts. But why do I still see it when I type the url?


    I just want to delete the content of my blog



    Sounds like you might have just hidden the blog from view in your account – sorry I can’t remember how to unhide it –

    I will flag this for the staff to help

    You can also set the blog to “Private” if you want the option of using that name again – Dashboard >> Settings >> read >> visible to only those I choose


    Thank you. But I can no longer access the Dashboard feature.



    Once the blog becomes visible to you in your account so will the dashboard


    Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.



    I still can’t see my blog. It says there that I have 0 hidden blogs.



    The staff checks the forum during the day but I don’t have their schedule – they can look at your blog and account info – I can’t –

    One last question – do you have a second account maybe that was used to create the blog?


    No, I don’t. It’s been the same account ever since.



    You removed yourself as a user from the blog rather than deleting it, but I have deleted the blog for you.



    @macmanx – that raises a question – if a blog has one user can the user remove themselves from the blog? And if so is the blog leaderless and who then would own the blog?

    Would the blog just keep wandering around looking for a new user?




    Fortunately, we still have ownership records.

    This is the return of that old bug from two or three years ago. Fortunately, we make deleting your site a lot more obvious now, so less people are doing it now. It’s on the fix list.



    Interesting bug – thanks

    yes many warnings on the site delete but everyday a regular parade come through the forum with a “I deleted my site because…………can I have it back please – yes I really did read the warnings but………..”

    I suggested one time that deleted sites be available as long as not TOS issues and only to the original owner and charge for the reversal on the theory that the staff would need to do some checking and OK the site – that went over like the lead balloon



    I think deleted sites should go into a three month turnaround pool where they are offline and after that an email confirmation to make the deletion permanent.



    That would work also @RC – get rid of the deleted yesterday to start over things

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