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    When i am in the dashboard of my blog, up on the grey bar on the left is the name of my blog. That’s fine. But, when i am on the WP dashboard where the Reader is etc up on the grey bar on the left is the name of a deleted blog. This deleted blog was private, and i deleted it after logging in and finding over 80 views on it the one day. I have no idea if this deleted blog name affects my current blog in any way with search engines etc, but it shouldn’t be there should it? How do i get rid of the deleted blogs name in the grey bar please. The blog is definitely deleted, i double checked.



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    I’m in the right forum. I don’t want to give the link unless absolutely necessary.


    Could someone flag this thread for staff attention please, as i think only staff can help with this problem and i really want that deleted blog name removed from the stats dashboard. Thank you.



    What is the URL of the blog you wish Staff to delete? I’m asking because it’s waste of your time, our time and Staff time when Volunteers flag a threrad and Staff arrive to help but have nothing to work with and have to ask the same question the support bot and I just asked.


    I don’t wish to delete a blog it’s already deleted as i have explained. Only staff can remove the deleted blogs name that is (as explained) still showing in the grey bar when on the WP stats dashboard in my present blog. For heaven’s sake don’t delete this blog!! Staff will know what blog it is from my username, as there is only one blog, am i correct?



    Hi there,
    I did flag this thread for Staff attention when I poste dabove. Please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you, i appreciate that. It is a blog i assure you.


    Ummmm now the name in the grey bar has changed to the blog name of one of the authors on my blog!!



    Would you please try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache?


    I’ve done that consistently today. The blog that is in my grey bar at the top has nothing to do with me, and the admin of that blog was getting my stats. The admin has since deleted that blog as it was no longer used, but it is still showing in my bar on my stats page.



    Hm, are you able to get a URL for this blog? If so, would you please provide it here?


    Which blog? The one that shouldn’t be in my grey bar? That one is


    It is 1:30am here and i really need to go to bed now. I hope you can sort this otherwise i’ll have to delete the blog as something is very wrong here. I’ll explain once more the best i can. The grey bar on my stats page was showing a blog i had recently deleted myself (i was admin), and when i added someone today as an author on this, my current blog, the ‘overbyhere’ blog that he was author on (he was not the admin) appeared in place of my deleted blog name that was in the grey bar. Neither of those blogs should be on my bar, it should be my own blog, and the fact the ‘overbyhere’ blog was getting stats for everything i clicked on on my own blog is really odd, it even showed as ‘clicks’ each time i came to this forum, but it didn’t show on my own blog. We also have over 70 posts yet have had no search engine hits, not one, and Google Webmaster is indicating that there are no ‘impressions’ from our posts. I have blogged here for 9 years with different blogs and i have never experienced anything like this. I hope you can fix it. But now i have to go to bed.



    Everything appears to be correct. When I’m logged in under your account, the blog “Fy Sedd I Yw Hon” is the only one listed.

    In our system, this is the only blog attached to your janartist user account.



    According to this:

    your blog is working, and has been indexed by Google.


    @ macmanx the blog is in the grey bar on the stats page it is still there. It’s not in my own dashboard it’s the other one, the WordPress one, the one where the map is (why do we have two dashboards anyway it’s stupid!) I already know there is only one blog attached to my account, and isn’t that the problem here? The blog in the grey bar is not mine and should not be there, and it’s getting on my nerves now and i would like it removed. Is it that you don’t know why or how this has happened that you say you can’t see it. Shall i take a photo of it (i can’t do screen shots) as proof that it is there???


    @macmanx I have now managed to take a screen shot, which shows the blog name in the grey bar, that you say is not there!! Next step please?



    The blog that shows in the grey bar also shows when i log in to my own account as i am an author on Jan’s blog (i have no blog myself). The blog in question ‘overbyhere’ was owned by my wife Lonna, but i was author on that blog too. She has since deleted that blog, but that blog is in no way connected to Jan’s blog and it should not be in the grey bar anyway as i was never admin of that blog as your records will show. Me and my wife have seperate email accounts. I don’t understand why that blog (overbyhere) has shown up on Jan’s bar in the stats page after she added me as author, because ‘overbyhere’ was never even my blog. There is obviously some bug in the system and it needs addressing.


    I don’t know if this thread requires re-flagging for macmanx to reply. I want the blog name that doesn’t belong on my bar in the stats removed. It’s that simple really. the screen shot is in my media album if macmanx has access to it, otherwise please tell me how to make it available for it to be seen. Thank you

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