Deleted blog, need the adress back.

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    Hi! I deleted my address because I wanted to make it with another account… Didn’t know it wouldn’t be aviable again to anyone ina whole year!

    Could you help me with this? The user I comment with now is the one I had when I took ownership of the adress.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry for the bad news, but you will not be able to recover that site address. Once a site is deleted, it’s gone, both the content and the site address. This is mentioned a few times during the site deletion process.

    However it does seem that there’s a conflict in information between the Delete Site Support doc and the Recycling Blog Addresses Support doc.

    Here’s what the latter now says:

    Sites already deleted by their authors two or more years ago may become available again, if they present no username or other technical conflicts. Do you see a deleted site with an address you would like to have? You can try registering a new site with that address here. If it is available, it will be yours.

    In order to clarify, I’ve tagged this for Staff input. Please stay tuned here.




    When users delete a site, we warn them that the address may not be available again. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to recover that address.

    As JenT mentions, we are experimenting with a process of recovering *some* addresses for users, if the address meets certain conditions. You can do so simply by attempting to register the address at However there are no guarantees.

    You might consider registering a custom domain name at this time. They’re a great way to help ensure a stable presence and address.



    I should have thought more through it, was in too much of a hurry. I thought the warnings was all about: Think fast! Someone might steal your address because it will be available again, and then you’ll never get it back.

    At least I din’t make any content before I deleted it. Just wanted to switch the owner account in a very stupid way.

    Thanks you guys! Hopefully I can try again in a year or two…



    @chrisrudzki- Thanks for the clarification.

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