deleted blog on one user, want to use same name on new user

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    I started a blog on account A but came to realize i dont want that account to be associated with that blog. So i deleted it. I started account B and wanted to use the former name of the blog i started and then deleted on account A, but even though it is deleted and not available, the name is still unavailable. Is this just temporarily as the servers need some time to clean up or will a former (but deleted) blog-name be unavailable forever? I can prove im admin on both accounts, so its not like im stealing a name.

    Any help?

    The blog I need help with is


    There were very clear warnings on the delete site page, and on the confirmation email about the fact that deleting the blog was permanent and that you would not be able to get the domain name back.

    Sorry, you will have to choose another URL for the blog.

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