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Deleted blog, still domain mapping, how to shut off?

  1. I created a blog then after about a few posts decided I wanted to have a it hosted elsewhere. The blog was domain mapped to another site, I created another site for the new blog I setup to show the new site I deleted the blog, however the blog is still showing up at points to the new Anyone have any suggestions as to what to do about this?

  2. Depends on where you registered the blog. If it was with another registrar, just change the name servers to your new host. If it was with you registered the domain, look back in your welcome email for the link to your account, username, password, etc.


  3. You'll have to change the name servers to point to the new host. You can check the FaQ section for undoing domain mapping.

  4. The DNS at the registrar has been pointing to the new domain, it's no longer pointing to the blog. The interesting thing is that new domain shows up sometimes and the blog other times. I don't understand why the blog is showing up at all.

  5. When did you make the DNS changes? It can take 24 (or sometimes more) for DNS to fully propagate.

  6. It's been several days now and the blog is still appearing.

  7. It can take many days for DNS changes to propagate. is simply receiving the request, not making any requests, so there is nothing on our side we can do unfortunately.

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