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Deleted blog still exists...

  1. Deleted a blog but it still exist. I cannot manage it anymore under my user account. However the blog is still alive.
    How to delete?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is the blog you're talking about?

  3. Yup...

  4. Okay, I flagged this for staff.

  5. jeremeylduvall

    Hi there,

    It looks like you removed yourself from the blog, which is why you don't see it on your user account any longer. However, you didn't delete the blog. There's still another user account listed as the owner and admin on the blog. Do you have access to that account? If so, you can delete the blog following the instructions here:

  6. Hi, and thanks for the reply!

    Okay, that is wierd.

    Could you please e-mail me the registered mail for that account?
    Or re-add my accounts connection to the blog?

    Thank you for looking into this.

  7. No, they won't email you the details for someone else's account.

  8. Understandable, re-add my connection to the blog then?


  9. jeremeylduvall

    Hi there,

    I've re-added you to the blog However, please note, your user role on the blog will not allow you to delete the site. The site owner will need to do that. If you navigate to Users -> All Users from your Dashboard, you will be able to see the details of the site owner.

  10. Thanks. Thing is, this blog was created years ago by a board member which no longer exists... I'll figure something out...

  11. If you have moved to another site - leave a note on the old site - then either clear the content or better set the old Posts and Pages back to Draft or Private in case you want some of the old material - that starts taking it out of the search results but does not slam the old links into a "deleted your are out of luck" page

  12. jeremeylduvall


    @captnmike definitely offers a great solution. You can go back and set old posts and pages to private or set the entire blog to private if you would like.

    Alternatively, I just replied through private email with the necessary steps to verify ownership and have the blog completely deleted. If you have any of that information, please reply back through the email thread!

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