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Deleted blog still online

  1. I recently just deleted my blog, which was linked to

    Even though I deleted the blog, everything, including the posts, are still visible. I only deleted my blog because I wanted a fresh start and a new website name, and even though I cleared the redirection links on my website's hosting page, it still redirects to the blog's content. Because I deleted the blog through the e-mail link, I no longer have access to editing the posts and therefore cannot delete them.

  2. All I see there is:

    View Videos
    View Tweets
    Submit Offer

    Welcome to

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    What is the underlying URL of that domain mapped blog?

  3. Well, that just redirects to the parked URL. Looks like your domain mapping upgrade is still in effect. If you can get to the dashboard of that blog, just set the URL as primary on the Domains page and set it to Private under Settings->Reading.

  4. Because I deleted the blog, I no longer have access to the dashboard of the site. So I can't change the url mapping settings.

  5. Well, I can't confirm that the blog exists at all, so I think we've reached the end of my ability to help you.

  6. Is there a way to have another member help me with this? I saw another thread where an OP had a similar issue.

  7. Sure, you can just wait and see if one of them posts, but they'll only see exactly what I saw. I already flagged this for staff attention. They'll be able to confirm the blog is deleted.

  8. Hi leinee,

    The site was deleted. I have removed the domain mapping to for you as well. Even though our refund window has passed, I also refunded you for the price of the upgrade.

  9. Alright, thank you so much!

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