Deleted blog still showing up!

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    I recently deleted a site, the URL was
    Basically it was a tester site for a school newspaper website. Now that it’s deleted I no longer have access, etc. But when you google the site, it still comes up as a google result, and anyone can still look at all the pages. How do I fix this? I need the site to be blocked from everyone.


    Did you respond to the email you should have gotten? The blog will not be deleted until the blog owner (email address used to set up the site) responds via a link in the email. This is to help prevent mistakes.


    As far as Google goes, the links to that test site (and google’s cached pages) will be around for anywhere from 3 months to a year. Once the site is actually deleted, then eventually Google will drop everything from their indexes, but if anyone linked to that blog from another site for some reason, then there could be some links that will basically be around for eternity (or until the other site deletes those links, whichever comes first).

    You can use the “remove link” in google webmaster tools, but the site would have to have been verified with google before it was/is deleted.



    The site is still up – it was never deleted. You need to go back and really delete it.

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