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    I wanted to delete one blog and by accident I deleted my main blog instead as I didn’t realize that I was logged on that one when I clicked the delete option. Is it possible to get it back or it is lost forever? I even had to register again to post this. (


    I *think* it’s gone forever, jonny. Sorry…. what a PITA for you…. there’ve been a lot of posts about this sort of thing, but all of them seem to have resulted in “can’t help you” sorts of answers….



    If someone in could somehow “dissuspend” the blog…hmm…really??
    (When you log on to an account with deleted blog, it says ‘the blog is suspended or archived’ something like that.”)



    Try emailing somebody at Automattic. They seem to drop in here fairly regularly but we can’t guarantee it, and either way this is something the volunteers here really can’t do anything about since we don’t have any more access to the database than you do. Sorry.

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