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    Dear, WordPress administarors!

    Could I get back my old blog I deleted it. Yeah, I understand, my fault. Now when I go there, it shows, that I deleted it. I am not so good in English, maybe I haven’t understood something important. I wanted to get default blog, without any my correction’s. I thought, if I delete my blog and register it again, then all what I have changed in blog will be deleted and my blog will be “clear”. But now, I wanted to create a new blog with old name and it shows that it exists already. I haven’t deleted my account, so why I couldn’t get back my old name?

    Yeah, I absolutely agree with that, I maybe haven’t read all carefully. But I’m the same person, because account I haven’t deleted. So, I don’t see the point, why I couldn’t get my blog’s name back.

    P.S. Please, help to get it back. My name of blog was very important, it is my pseudonym.

    Best wishes,

    The blog I need help with is



    No, once you delete something it is gone forever.

    Here’s the full list of deleting options –



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