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    There’s this crazy thing on the notifications tab of my home page – followers for three deleted blogs (, and are showing up, but none for (I’m still on What’s happening? Will this be fixed sometime? And by the way, my notifications are not showing (little bubble just sticks) in the admin strip, I have to go to the home page to look at them in the notifications page there.


    The blog I need help with is



    Do you mean you’re being notified of new followers on the deleted blogs?


    Not new followers, no. But the deleted blogs appear there like this:

    paisleystrange, Laurel’s Reflections, and arosmannen and 43 others followed your blog “Absurd …”

    Carl D’Agostino, aellia, and montucky followed your blog “Nearly A Pie”

    dearrosie and Carol Ann Hoel followed your blog “Val’s Nature”

    (My undeleted blogs are showing up too, now, by the way. One private that I don’t want to mention the name of, the other

    But why is it showing deleted blogs, at all?



    Ok, that is definitely odd. Are these notifications recent, or are they on your list from before you deleted the blogs?


    As far as I can tell, they’re from before I deleted the blogs. If I’d looked at that page before, prior to reporting this issue, I’d think they were in the cache, but I hadn’t really spotted the follow tab of the notifications page page til I posted this query. Also, I clear the cache on a regular basis, so it’s unlikely to be that.


    By the way, I just checked and the other issue – the notifications in the little bubble in the admin strip – seems to be okay now. So it’s just this weirdness with the notifications – followers page.



    Ok, that appears to be normal then. The Notifications tab is a history of all your notifications, even for blogs that have now been deleted.

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