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Deleted categories show up on Posts page but are invisible on Categories page?

  1. Problem #1: I'm having the problem on this forum: I was editing categories and sub-categories and they weren't doing what I wanted, so I deleted some and made new sub-categories. However, some old categories I deleted still show up in Posts where you can filter (un-alphabetized, below "Uncategorized"), but they are invisible on the Category page. I tried applying them to a post, but that didn't make them show up.
    Problem #2: I can't mass-edit posts and un-check "Uncategorized." This is annoying. It would also be nice to be able to mass-password-protect posts. I don't want a private blog, but I want to password-protect posts faster.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First, make sure that Uncategorized isn't your default category set via Settings -> Reading in your blog's Dashboard.

    If it is, change it, then you should be able to remove it properly.

  3. I want "uncategorized" to be my default. The problem with that (#2) is that I can't mass-edit and uncheck it because the checkboxes appear empty. I thought it was because those posts were also categorized in various other categories, but even when I select stuff in the same category I can't mass un-check things; I can only check things.

  4. Oh, I see what you mean, that's normal.

    The bulk-edit system really only works to add categories, not remove them.

    For example, image you had 20 posts all in 20 separate categories. If you chose to bulk-edit them, all of the categories would be checked. It wouldn't make much sense, which is why the bulk-edit system only adds categories, it cannot remove them.

  5. I realized that un-checking stuff from separate categories wouldn't work, like you mentioned. However, when I select posts that all share the *same* categories, I still can't un-check stuff. It should be able to do this at least.

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