Deleted forum posts. Why?

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    I have posted the same question two times now, both times the post disappears without a trace. I posted one last night, regarding uploading to Facebook. I used to have the option of using a round WordPress logo, a large blue W, when I posted something, but now I get all kinds of strange images not at all related to my blog or anything I have uploaded. How do I fix this?
    Ad why the heck is WP deleting my posts?

    The blog I need help with is



    None of the posts are deleted. forums is dynamic. Older posts go to second and further pages. Here are your two questions:
    And the answer for these two is:

    These problems relate to Please consult support.

    Did you know that there are two WordPress? Read this:


    OK, thanks for that. I thought the posts got deleted, couldn´t see them.

    Regarding the image, I see that several other people are having the same problems, but no one is commenting that those problems are FB related. In fact it is rather funny to see how those questions are also not answered and instead more people are saying things like “yes it happens to me all the time”.

    I am just really annoyed that every time there is a proper issue, you steer away from it, by ignoring it or by saying its not your problem. When I use an image in an article, the image is displayed perfectly on the FB page. When I am not using an image, it seems the system(WP) is using whatever it feels like, sometimes a collection of flags, sometimes my profile picture, sometimes a gravatar that has no relations to me. Still an FB issue?



    Have you concentrated on those images? I can bet that those come from your page/post you shared. Why you get no
    thumbnail, or unrelated or Variable thumbnail is because facebook’s script is not smart enough. On each page load, it searches for all
    image tags and display the ones that it finds useful. Usually facebook catches an image of approx. 150px each time it refreshes or loads. If you manually select the thumbnail, it never changes and remains unchanged.


    What do you mean, have I concentrated on those images?
    I have posted 421 posts to my Facebook page, the first 400 was fine, on posts without an image in it, I could chose the blue W or nothing. On the posts with images in them, I could chose between the blue W, the images or nothing. So it went for 400 posts. Suddenly, I can no longer choose the blue W, or the other W you offer, the square blue one with a white W in it.
    I have not changed anything in my way of uploading, I do the exact same thing I always do: I publish the article, then view it. Copy the entire address to that specific story, go to my FB page and insert the address there. It then uses about a second to think, inserts the story, but doesn´t even give me any options of images to choose from.
    So how do I get the W back?



    Now to be more clear, Can I have the shared post url and the facebook page url? There are few more experienced volunteers, who will diagnose your problem, if they can. Please note, we are also users like you and don’t represent whole WP.COM


    Erh….are you now asking me for help? I don´t get it?
    I am noting that you are regular users, but the issue is still un-resolved….



    Please provide the post url (which is having the problem) and the facebook page url.


    Its not a specific post, its every post since perhaps mid June.

    The url for the blog is:

    An example of a post is:


    Is that it? I post three threads regarding the same problem, someone appears to be interested in helping and then…nothing?

    I find it annoying that every single time I upload an article to Facebook, I now only have the option of choosing my profile picture as image, not the image I use in the article or the large round W anymore. It seems like a small problem, ie easy to fix for WP, but nothing has happened.



    No I didn´t because I have had problems accessing these threads for some reason. I just came back after three days with gf, and strangely her old pc with windows XP, Internet Explorer 7 I think and no upgrades could find them easily. And since I couldn´t open the threads or find them at all, on my own computer, I just now got the link you posted.
    Would just be nice if more actually responded to a seemingly easy issue…



    You can find all your previous threads by clicking your username at the top of each forum page, where it says, “Welcome, formulaoneupdate”. Your username is a link and it will bring you to a separate page with all your forum posts.




    Well, if you want to find your forum questions, click on the word Member under your name.

    If you want to complain about the FB icons, take a number because people have been complaining about that for quite some time. and FB aren’t playing well together at the moment, and we will have to wait for staff at one or both to fix it.



    @rain-if you haven’t, have a look at what designsimply mentions in the post that airodyssey linked to.


    I serously feel like no one is actually reading the post. I know how to go to previous threads, I was saying that on my own computer there is no problems, but on my gf´s computer there is no way to the posts HERE ON THE FORUM! Reason being old browser, no updates, crappy pc. Nothing to do with my articles/posts written on the blog, but the posts here in the forum, ok?


    And no one finds it strange that all I want to know, is how I get the bloody W-icon back?



    Great! Then you’ve seen designsimply’s reply. Hopefully that answered your question and you can mark this thread as resolved.



    @justjennifer. I read that. Makes total sense. If you don’t upload the W, you shouldn’t be able to choose it as a thumbnail. If you want to use the W, you find it online and upload it to the post.

    @formulaoneupdate, okay then it’s simple: You’re being Bozo’d. That happens sometimes when you set of the automated spam filters here, either by posting too often or by posting too many links or by starting too many threads. But it appears you’ve been UN-bozo’d or I for one wouldn’t be able to see your posts. So, your troubles are over.


    The large blue W wasn´t something that I uploaded, it wasn´t something I needed to find anywhere. Everytime I uploaded an article to FB, without an image, it gave me the option of using the W. That option is no longer available.
    How can I post too often? Do you mean on the forum, because that makes no sense to me, since the problem started before I posted. So since I haven´t had the use of the forum until the problems with the large blue W started, I can hardly have the problem with the large blue W BEFORE I start posting on the forum about the problem, can I?
    And no offense, but does it sounds like I have the slightest idea what Bozo´d means?
    NO one seems to grasp that the issue is not about the posts in the forum, but all I want to now, is why I can´t get the large blue W back when uploading to FB. Is that really so hard to understand?

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