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    I started up my blog a few months ago and haven’t done anything to it until now. I think, back then I deleted my home page while trying to edit my pages (I thought I could make another). However, since returning I now know the home page is part and parcel.

    My problem is that I’d like the home page to be static and to be used as home pages usually are and have my posts on my ‘NEWS’ page. I have discovered how to put the blog onto the news page but the blog also appears on my home page. I cannot change my home page to static because it isn’t on the drop down menu. Can I get it back on the list? Is there any easy way to hide the potential bodged-up original home page?

    If there is no option would it be wise if I deleted this blog and started again? Would it be a fresh start? Also would I need to pay again to edit css and would I still be able to keep my mmmbiscuits url?

    Follow that? I hope it makes sense D:
    Thank you for reading!



    Not sure this helps, but try writing and publishing a new page, make it a subpage, and then see if it appears in the dropdown list that you can select from. I’m not sure if this subpage thing works across themes; it works in my theme.



    If you deleted the Posts page (the blog page), just Write a new Page called “News” following the instructions in that FAQ.

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    Wonderful! It worked, thank you both of you!

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