Deleted Image Still Appears in Google

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    This is a somewhat complicated request because the current account I am using is not the one connected to my WordPress sites. I am a student at Saint Joseph’s University and I have a club website that allows me to log on through our school. I do not believe I have a direct WordPress account to access this.

    The problem is that two previous students from my club requested that they have their images and details taken down from their page, for professional purposes. I have done so, but their thumbnails still appear in Google. I understand this is a cache problem, but is there any way to directly remove this cache sooner, rather than wait for Google to wipe it?
    The website in question is
    Here are the links in question:

    If you go to the website, neither of these images are there anymore because I deleted them, both from the page and the media files. I do not know what to do next; this could potentially harm them in the future for their professional image.

    If you need any more details or proof that I am the head of this page, please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you!


    If you’ve removed the images from your site then it is a matter of time until Google’s bots visit that site again and update. You may be able to speed things up via:
    PS: Google isn’t the whole Internet and images/pages can be cached at other search engines too.

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