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    I think I did a really stupid thing. Because I had been uploading image with large files, my media library was getting full. So I thought, maybe I could delete the upload and free up some space. But I didn’t know if it would effect my postings images. So I tried one and it looked it like didn’t so I deleted all the images only to find out that it did. I have over 124 posting with images galore. I need to restore, but I am afraid that I can’t. Is there a fix that I can do? It has only been two days since I did it. I hate to think that I have to go back and recreate them!


    The blog I need help with is



    There is no fix. You’re going to have to reupload and reinsert all those images. A word of advice: take the extra time to optimize them first and you wont’ run into this. I’ve been here six and a half years and have only used less than 10% of my space, while posting at least one image per day.

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