deleted links to all pages in pages module, thus not able to edit pages

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    While attempting to create a static homepage I, in a fit of frustration, deleted all pages and emptied the trash. (Yes – I know, I’m bad. . . )

    I continued to work with creating pages and finally figured out how to created a static page, make it a child of another page, make that other page private and thus have the child page be the primary page appearing. So, I got at least something right.

    Now – I have the following: 1) a home page that appears on the blog but I have no link to it in the pages module 2) A page I created titled “Ghost Page” which is set as private and a parent to a created “test” page. “Ghost” appears in the pages module and I can edit. 3) A “test” page as a public child of the “Ghost” Page which appears in the pages module and I can edit.
    Therefore – I have 2 pages in my pages module – “Ghost” and “Test” but a 3rd page which shows up when reading the blog but does not appear in the pages module to edit.

    Terminology Note _ by “Pages Module” I mean the path of “My Blog” -“Dashboard” – “Pages”

    Is this something I can fix or does it require a support ticket to go in and somehow change coding of some kind? I apologize if I haven’t followed the rules here – I’m rather non-techy (hence figuring out the parent-child to hide a page being a big accomplishment for my apparently tiny brain).

    The blog address is
    and/or depending on which address you are looking for.

    The blog I need help with is


    @sacredintersections, I’m going to suggest that you go with a custom menu as it gives you much more flexibility in how your navigation is organized and how it works. With a custom menu, you are in complete control over what shows up in the menu and where, and you can if you wish add categories, tags, even posts, and you can even create custom links if you wish. You can have hierarchical dropdown menus as well.


    Thank You!

    A big huge thank you -that is exactly what I am looking for.
    And I set up a test blog to learn how to use this stuff.


    You are welcome.

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