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Deleted media still appearing

  1. I deleted this pdf from my WP media library yet it still appears when the link to it on another non WP website is clicked. Do WP media files take some time to disappear and disassociate from all external links to them or do I need to do something else? It is definitely no longer in my library so I don't understand why it still shows up a couple of hours later... or am I just being impatient?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have separate Trash folders. Here's how to permanently delete Trash >

  3. Thank you timethief. However I did click "delete permanently" the first time and there is currently nothing at all in the trash on my media library page. I have looked through all my media library uploads pages... it isn't visible there in trash or anywhere. That's why I'm a bit confused as to why it is still lurking somewhere.

  4. It may be a caching thing if it's only been a few hours. See the Additional Information at the bottom of this Support doc

  5. Thanks justjennifer. I'll wait a couple of days and see what's what after that.

  6. 4 days later it is still there.
    Can someone from Support tell me how many days on average is a 'few days' as that is apparently how long it takes the WP cache to clear?

  7. Sorry was looking at wrong dates.... only trashed it on Sunday, now it's tuesday in UK. But still would like to know just for reference if it is possible to tell me that info about the cache.

  8. I can also still pull up the file from the link you've given above, so I've tagged this for Staff assistance since they are the only ones who can have a look at your Media Library and know what may be happening.

  9. Thank you very much!
    I've deleted things in the past from my blog and assumed that was it... never thought to try and see if they were still accessible. A direct link was posted elsewhere to this particular media which is how I came to find it was still reachable. I know things can float about on the www indefinitely but would feel more secure if I knew that I could at least completely trash media and break links from my end.

  10. You are welcome. I hope it won't be too long before you get a reply.

    Just to clarify for Staff, I have cleared my browser's cache before clicking on the link to the file that sewveravenus provided in her first post.

  11. Sorry about that!

    The file was still cached in our system, but it's gone for good now.

  12. thank you macmanx.

    Was this something that just happens once in a great while (I hope) ?

  13. Yes, the cache is cleared every 3 days, so I think you just managed to delete your file at that very lucky point immediately following the last automated clear.

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