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    i published a post yesterday at around 5:30 pm est or so, the site seemed to recognize it, i was at the “this is your 5th post” screen and i even saved a draft of the post before publishing it. i come back to it like 7 hours later and there is no sign of the post and the draft is an old auto save with just the first sentence.

    i have been reading the forums but it is not in my trash i tried going to the link from when i first accessed it and it now takes me to the old auto saved version. not the final completed one, even the dashboard shows when i worked on it last but not the correct version for that time.

    i really need that post back.

    my blog is :

    the post name is: Cinco

    and the tags are: Cinco woohoo

    The blog I need help with is



    It seems to be a bit of a recurring problem. Did you read the other recent threads? Perhaps they can offer a solution.

    If you don’t find a solution there, please post back here and someone will tag it for staff assistance.



    i tried all of yesterday and nothing seemed to work, can someone please tag it so i can get admin assistance?



    Hi acexl02,

    I took a look at the draft post in your dashboard and I see that an older version of the post has the full post content. You can use the Revisions module to view and restore the older version of the post. We have more information about how to do that here: Post Revisions

    It is possible that a glitch in the system caused the post to revert to an older draft, but if you experience this again please let us know so we can look into this further.



    thank you so much for your help, jennifer and rachel. it worked :D have a great day.

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