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deleted my blog, now what...

  1. OK, I am very new to WordPress and I think I made a mistake, let me explain

    I started out with a blog which had my name in it, but I forgot I wanted to make it for my game character, so I made another one This one works OK and I have no problem with that.

    Then with another email address, I wanted to make the blog with my real name in it, which was already on the other email address, so I deleted that one (turned out to be a big mistake there)

    Problem is that I can not register my real name as a blog anymore because I had deleted it before (crap).

    Is there any way to get that blog name back so I can transfer it, or really delete it so I can register it again??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can cry.

    Name are never recycled at WordPress.COM - once gone they are gone forever even from the original owner.

    You can change the spelling a bit or buy your own domain and map it to a blog here.

  3. Well can not really change the spelling on my name I'm afraid.
    Pretty harsh to never be able to make that blog again for one little mistake I made while playing around with all the stuff in here.

  4. I'm sorry but it takes bypassing 3 clear warnings and clicking a verification link in an email to delete a blog.

  5. In case you aren't aware of this you can purchase a domain mapping upgrade and then the blog name/url of the blog you are mapping from to your domain won't matter as only you will see it. All your visitors will see the domain URLs only.

  6. Play with initials a bit - John W. Smith maybe - jsmith or jwsmith. Add something like supersmith - I did something like that on both my sites.

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