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Deleted my blog...but want to get it back

  1. I am new to WordPress. I went to create my blog, and incorrectly chose to use the .com suffix (e.g. I got to the point where WordPress had sent me the confirmation email, but there was nowhere I could cancel and go back to re-create it without using the .com suffix (I wanted to re-create it as So I deleted the blog, and when WordPress sent me the email to confirm the deletion, I did so.

    Now when I try to register the name with the (correct) suffix, it says the name is not available. Does that mean it's gone forever? Nobody can ever use it again? Or is there some way I can use it with the suffix?

    Thanks for any help.

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  3. As the three warnings you're given during the deletion process confirm, neither you nor anybody else can use that domain name again. Ever.

    It sounds like you started a blog and added the Custom Domain upgrade at the time, then deleted the blog because you didn't want to use the domain you'd paid for. Contact staff via the help button on your dashboard and they should at least be able to refund you for the domain you bought for a blog you deleted.

  4. You would have to have ignored all the warnings on the screen and the confirmation email telling you that it would be gone forever to delete it. Now it is gone, and nobody will ever be able to use it again


    The only thing you can do now is pick something else or register the domain (correct).com then use domain mapping.

  5. @raincoaster

    It sounds like you started a blog and added the Custom Domain upgrade at the time,

    That sounds likely, I couldn't really work out what he meant by " incorrectly chose to use the .com suffix"

    The other option he has is to use the .com domain he registered after all. If he does want it and if he paid for the mapping and registration its worth him asking the staff if they could move the mapping to another blog

  6. Thanks for all your responses. Yes, I added the custom domain upgrade so that my blog name would be, rather than I didn't pay for it - didn't get that far. At the very first screen (before I actually had to pay) I realised what I'd done and wanted to change it - but couldn't work out how to do so.

    So I (foolishly, I now realise) deleted it.

    tandava, I think I understand what you mean about using a domain mapping, but I can't register either (correct).com or (correct) or (correct).anything else. It seems like the 'myblog' part of the name I registered is gone forever for any of the suffixes.

  7. The Custom Domain setup is really not very clear, and I don't blame you for getting confused. But I doubt that staff or anyone can un-delete a blog. Ask.

    Also, maybe you can't have but you CAN have or

  8. @budfudder,
    with domain mapping if you have the "" domain you can register a blog as (anything) then map it to Of course you need to pay an annual fee of $17 for wordpress to register and map it for you.

    If you haven't paid I would guess that "" is free to register still, but it possible that it is in a reserved state. If it is then staff should be able to help you complete the purchase if that's what you want.

    Another alternative is just to think of another name and register the for free.

  9. Again, thanks to both of you for your help. raincoaster, how were you able to find the name I registered? Via my username?

    Tandava, when you say that if I have the "" domain, do you mean if I had it registered just as a normal domain, completely outside WordPress?

  10. Yes, your Profile still has it listed as your website. If you like either of those variants, grab them immediately. Click on it and you'll go to a page that asks if you want to register that url. Just click it.

  11. @budfudder

    Tandava, when you say that if I have the "" domain, do you mean if I had it registered just as a normal domain, completely outside WordPress?

    If you register any domain then you can domain map a domain that you own and is held elsewhere or, can register it for you at the time you set up domain mapping.

  12. Thank you very much for all your responses and help. Looks like this is a nice, helpful community.

    Thanks again!

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