“deleted” post keeps appearing / is impossible to delete

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    Hi! I have the following problem; I saved (but did not publish) an empty post with just a title (which was “Can Truth Conditional…”). Now I cant delete it and it keeps appearing in my “recent post” widget either with the weird title “0”, or with the title that I originally saved. Sometimes it will even appear on the main page (with or without a title). If I try to edit the post from the manage page, it tells me that I am trying to edit a post that doesnt exist. Trying to delete it I get the “AJAX is teh b0rked” thing.

    I know there is a post abou pretty much the same problem – but none of the suggestions there helped me and its marked “resolved”, so I thought I’d better make a new post. Clearing browser cache /cookies etc. hasnt helped, and I have tried two different browser, with no difference.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    I do see the title of the Truth Conditional post in your recent posts section but not the post. (I’m using IE7)

    Try this – it worked for me when I had a similar problem with a page that wouldn’t go away, but your mileage might vary, of course. Create another post with exactly the same title and then delete it. It might remove both of them in one fell swoop.



    BTW, when I click on the title in the widget, it does take me to the post.


    Hi, thanks for replying!

    I dont know what happend now – I tried to delete it again, and it wouldnt work. Then I tried to edit it, and suddenly I could. I changed page status to “private” and now its gone. It doesnt even appear on my manage page anymore. I hope it stays that way… still strange, though.

    Thanks again.



    You’re welcome and I’m glad it worked itself out. Thanks for coming back to let us know because somebody in the future will undoubtedly have the same problem.

    Happy blogging.



    having the same problem. nothing is working. so what is the solution?



    Staff have been tinkering with some of the pages, and you’re not the only person to have reported this. Because your blog is private, none of us can take a look and tell you what’s going on and you’ll need staff to intervene.

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