Deleted post showing up on facebook.

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    This is complicated, so I’ll try to make it clear.

    I made the mistake of hitting “blog this!” on flickr to get a photo from there.

    The photo went instantly to my blog as a post. Seeing my error, I deleted the post immediately.

    Then about an hour later I posted a new post to WordPress. Unfortunately, the deleted post is what is showing up on Facebook as the latest post. It is also showing up on a blog ring I am a member of. Both ignore the latest post. Clicking on the link to the post brings up the WordPress 404 error form.

    What do I do so that the new post shows up? Pinging technorati hasn’t helped.


    crazy world, eh? for example, your blog post can be nowhere to be seen in google, only the blog, under the heading of the blog post. happened to me. :(

    and it appears in fb and where not when you don’t need it!!

    anyway, something like this happened to me too before. i posted something, then i decided i wanted it to be a future post. but fb published it anyway. wp contact said they don’t have control over fb cache.

    you might like to contact fb!

    as for big t, sometimes it takes more than one pinging to make posts appear. i’m too lazy to search for that, but it’s in the forum somewhere.

    i don’t know of the blog ring though!

    psst, which blogring do you belong to? if it’s no big deal, may i know? like, maybe i can join? :D


    The blogring is for BC bloggers – for bloggers living in, or from, British Columbia, Canada. If you’re curious, the link to them is just under my photo on my blog. You can scroll down a bit and find the post linking to nowhere. It’s entitled cheesy-poops.jpg.

    UPDATE: Just clicked on that in the blog ring, and now it goes to the right article! Weird.

    The correct post also shows up in my Google Reader. So perhaps it’s just a facebook problem.


    glad to know your problem is at least partly solved!

    and thanks for the blogring info! too bad i’m not a bc blogger! :(
    oh well, there are others for me to try out! :D


    Actually, it is now showing up as a new post on facebook too, so I’m marking it as resolved.


    yippie! :D

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