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deleted posts

  1. I accidentally deleted a post of mine that I was trying to add some more categories to. I clicked on delete instead of edit...I know stupid me! In the past, when I have deleted posts that way (through "manage posts") a box comes up saying "are you sure you want to delete that post", but i swear that never came up. Is there anyway to get it back....or is it gone for good :(

  2. I'm sorry, it's gone.

    Unless you (like me) are sad enough to subscribe to your own RSS Feed. If that's the case you could recreate the post.


  3. damn...that sucks!

    If only there were some kind of recycle bin...err cough, cough....that would be a really helpful feature!

  4. <--------- nods in agreement!

  5. Probably add a ton of overhead to the databases though....

    Nice idea though. I can see the value of it. I know it's an issue with some message boards. ie phpBB doesn't do it unless you use a plugin that I have issues with.


  6. I agree Mike, but how many people actually delete posts that they want to keep in phpBB?

    I have to admit that on my own forum I don't delete anything. Auto prune does the off topic discussion and the mods either move dodgy threads to a safe location or remove the crap posts (things like posts with just a smiley in them). All the rest gets left behind. We take a backup of the MySQL once a week though...

    But hey, this is, not ;)

  7. I'll disagree with Dr. Mike on the overhead issue, but I'm not a database admin. The simple solution would be to have a "delete post" button flag posts for future deletion like spam or deleted comments curently are. They go bye-bye after a set number of days but are available for restoration until then. A slightly customized version would allow WP users to select how many days to hold the item before deletion, from 0 (immediate) to some reasonable number like 180 days. Modifying the tables involved in this shouldn't be a major challenge for the WP admins, it's more a matter of how much demand there is for this kind of feature. It would probably be better if the admins fixed the disappearing deletion warning first. In that case, you should submit the bug via the feedback button in your admin area.

  8. I agree Mike, but how many people actually delete posts that they want to keep in phpBB?

    It gets asked a lot. About recovering posts and threads and whatnot.

    As to the bit about the overhead, one only needs to look at the sidebars and how they are cached here. Database queues and the amount of work being placed on the databases is a concern. My point (which I'll admit I wasn't clear on) was the increase in the number of posts that would created and never cleared out. The idea of the time limit though would probably work.

  9. I deleted some posts that i recreated but I lost the comments anyway to get them back?

  10. nope. when you delete the posts comments in it go as well... besides even if you could retrieve where would the comments be, you know? :)

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