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Deleted posts show up in Google Reader

  1. Hi, I deleted some of my early test posts but they still show up in Google Reader. I've read many forum threads on this topic and the consensus is that Google caches the posts and even if they have disappeared from the web they will still appear in Google Reader when someone subscribes. Is there a way to permanently eliminate those posts from Google Reader?

    Some proposed solutions have been:

    - Use Google Webmaster Tools to remove the URL of the posts from those crawled by Google. The process to do this went OK but the posts are still in Google Reader.
    - Another proposed solution was to post a blank post with the same GUID as the original post I want to remove. This would not remove them from Google Reader but at least would eliminate my random typing in the early test posts... However, I don't know how to do this since every new post I add will have a different address due to the difference in data.

    Any solution???

    Many thanks.

  2. There is no solution. It will take time but everntually they will disappear if they are no longer in Google's cache. Normally it takes 3 - 6 months for the Google cache to clear. When we use the URL removal tool our request to remove web pages that "404" is batched and done when the cache is cleared.

  3. Thanks timethief. It's a pitty that Google doesn't allow a quicker removal of obsolete stuff.

    Is there a way to post again with the same address of the old posts so that Google Reader shows a blank post?

  4. Not that I am aware of and as you have already used the URL removal tool,and as it cannot be used unless the URL produces a 404, I would not mess around with this.

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