Deleted Site!! Please Help!

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    I accidentally deleted my blog today when I was trying to switch the hosting over to Bluehost. I’m not sure what happened, but I can still see the site under my WP account, it just says “the site cannot be accessed.” Is there any way to restore what I did and just transfer the hosting to bluehost??

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I want to go back to my Premium upgrade (which I already re-did), I just need the domain to be re-registered and hosting transferred to BlueHost!



    @margaretchase1996, I can see your site here:

    Be sure not to delete that if there’s any chance you might want it later. You can set it to private if you’d like at .

    It also looks like you cancelled the domain you just bought. It will be released soon (within 5 days) so you can buy it elsewhere.

    We can restore it for you if you’re in a hurry – though we’ll need to set up payment for it and what not, then you’d need to point it to Bluehost and wait, and then wait again to transfer it. Or you can just wait a few days then register it at Bluehost. What would you like to do?


    Okay, so when I originally cancelled it, I tried to register the domain again so that upgrade is currently active. Should I cancel that and then you can restore it? I would like to have it done ASAP! Why are there two different waiting periods once I point it to BlueHost?


    Also, is there a way to just restore the site that I had built just point it to bluehost without “transferring” it? I’m a little bit confused about what transferring means!




    Here is a helpful support page that you might find useful in moving to bluehost.



    Hi there,

    I have already sent you via email a payment link to restore your domain When you have completed the payment please reply back to this thread so that we can restore the domain back to your account.

    Then, you can follow these instructions to map your domain (point it) to your BlueHost site:


    I just completed the payment! :) Thanks so much for your help!


    Thanks for getting back to us, margaretchase1996. I’ve gone ahead and restored the domain.

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