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"deleted site" which is still open

  1. Dear WordPress,
    I had an account here and my blog was I had problems on my blog, because a stalker wrote bad comments on my posts, so I decided to close my blog, in order to prevent any type of contact with him. I deleted my site and I received also an email to confirm that. I thought it was ok, but now I still receive emails from you, because he still continue to comment my post. How can be possible, I deleted my site! I checked on internet, and I see my site is still open. Can you finally DELETE it?
    I wouldn't take legal action.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,
    Maria Tacchio
    [email redacted]

  2. Hi @ephiphone,

    Staff can remove this blog for you. Someone should be along soon to help you with this.

  3. The blog seems to be deleted now. What kind of e-mails do receive? Could you please describe them in detail?

  4. I receive emails from wordpress, and they tell that xxx has commented my post. But I deleted my blog! When I check on internet, my blog appears still open. I want to delete it.

  5. If I check on google, it doesnt appear, but If I write the url, i see my blog. How can I do it?

  6. There are no posts or comments on the deleted blog. Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    I receive emails from wordpress, and they tell that xxx has commented my post.

    What's the link of the post?

  7. Someone has stolen my blog. My blog is closed, but if you check you see my blog, but is modified! I need support from wordpress but no one is helping me.

  8. I want to speak with someone of WordPress. IS IT POSSIBLE?

  9. I'm a support representative from The blog is registered by someone else. You can contact the blog owner by leaving a comment.

    Otherwise you can report a copyright complaint through:

  10. I think this person is my stalker. Since I've closed my blog, he has created another one, changing the name from in He has re-written my old post and comments. I think he has got 2 or 3 accounts in wordpress and - I do not know how - I receive emails from wordpress when he comments there. Can you do something?

  11. You can send in an impersonation complaint through:

    Please forward the e-mails you received to us by e-mail.

    Thank you.

  12. Dear kardotim,

    Is there something unlegal in publishing a blog with phrases you heard? They're certainly not copyrighted. About impersonation, you can check they've always been unsigned, so they can't be associated to Maria.

    As they're not copyrighted and I want them to be on the net, do i have to change the blog URL only because it's similar to the older and anonimous one ""?

    If you're interested in WordPress bugs, maybe Maria received some WordPress mail because i changed the "email" of the comments from the Administration Panel (i couldn't even be sure that was her email).

    Another bug with comments is that you can comment inventing any email you want, such as "[email redacted]", and it never checks if they're true.

    Thank you.

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