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    I created a blog and after a while I decided to delete it. So I did just that I know that wordpress will obstruct me get my site back. It is a serious abuse and have done something about it. There are many in this situation and be aware of it seriously.




    You mean you deleted something and despite three very clear warnings and an email confirmation you decided you want to un-delete it and now you’re feeling like WordPress abused you? And you’ve “done something about it?” What, exactly? How about, oh, I dunno, not permanently deleting things you don’t want permanently deleted?


    I had a blog on There things were very clear. If you permanently delete a site for 6 months no one else can use that name but me. I mean I could always retrieve site name (only on my account)
    In wordpress if you deleted a site looks like Earth’s anyone on the planet can no longer use that name.
    Suppose we removed the name site. Why can not use that name after it has been deleted?? It’s really stupid


    besides that I could not contact anyone at
    Who can I talk to wordpress and understand that it is really stupid.



    That you don’t understand the reasons for something doesn’t make the thing invalid. It just makes it too complicated for you.

    “Permanent” doesn’t mean what you or Blogspot seem to think it means. It means permanent. Deal with it.



    I am sorry but you cannot claim a deleted blog URL. No one can use a deleted blog URL regardless of who registered it. Deleted blog URLs are not recycled here. There clear warning are given, plus a verification link in an email must be clicked to delete any blog as deleting a URL is irreversible. You can confirm by reading:

    However, you can register another blog with a similar name.

    Or you can register a domain via a domain mapping upgrade and it will not matter what the underlying address is.


    Things are like this. I created the blog with the name After a while I thought it’s better to just use a shorter name being. To avoid confusion we decided to delete the first blog (
    From experience with blogspot I thought you can reuse the name even if it is permanently deleted. Finally feel really stupid that I can not return to the first name. If wordpress stole the name and became master of that name then I will withdraw.
    One last question – that name will be available in the future? (


    That name will never be released, you deleted it, and WordPress have a policy of not recycling domains, for the reason of protecting your name. If someone typed in that URL thinking it was your site, but found a completely different site, especially if it was offensive, they would think that you had put it up, and would have a different opinion of you. See here:

    WordPress are doing this for your own good, the warnings were explicit, and you cannot assume anything based on different websites. Each site is different and you have to go on the information presented to you, which were multiple warnings. They have not stolen the name, nobody is going to use that URL ever.

    You can not get that name back, but you can get a similar one if you wish. In addition, you can always buy the domain “liviuberbecanu” if you wish, and it will be under your total control, and you can use it for whatever purpose you want, and with whatever blog system you want. See here for more information:


    wordpress that offer support in this regard is a mess. no matter how I managed to delete the site and whenever I was asked. is bad to have no support in this regard. wordpress must do something about it since many senses this


    recuperarea siteului ar trebui sa fie posibila doar de pe contul cu care a fost creat


    recovery site should be possible only on the account was created



    It doesn’t matter how many times you post that WordPress should work completely differently and that you think the word “permanent” should be negotiable. Nothing is going to change.

    Permanent is permanent.

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