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    Hi being very new to this blogging I am having a bit of trouble with deleting a category (it is listed as uncategorised). I would like the home page to have upcoming exhibitions listed…which it does, but there is also the ‘uncategorised’ which lists it too. How do I get rid of this particularly on the top bar.
    I also am having trouble finding out how to archive previous posts, any ideas will be gratefully accepted. Cheers

    The blog I need help with is



    Uncategorized is the default category. Just create and use a different category and uncheck “uncategorized”.
    I’m not sure if this will remove it from the navbar in your theme or not and unfortunately cannot test it right now. Will try to do so later or perhaps another forum volunteer will be able to assist.

    Previous posts are automatically archived by the software we use. Is there something specific you are wishing to do?

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